Summer Attire: Stay Away from Plaid Patterned Shorts

Summer is a blissful time: the weather is great (mostly), restaurant patios are open, and its finally warm enough to lay out on the beach and swim in the ocean. It is also a time when everyone can forget about layering their clothes to stay warm. Indeed, in the summer, we shed our clothes and keep everything minimal. Shoes? No thanks. Jacket? No way! Jeans? I’ll save those for when the temperature drops.

Typically, sandals, light shirts, and shorts reign supreme in the summer. And while this may be fantastic for some, to others it can be a little hard on the style eye. Don’t believe me? Lets take a look and focus our attention at the ever popular plaid patterned shorts and examine why these shorts are fit for the pit.

First of all, the pattern suggests warmth. Plaid patterned shirts are typically worn during the fall/winter months because they keep their owners not only warm on the inside, but also looking warm.  Therefore, why would you want your front and backside to stay warm in the summer?

Second: the cut/fit. There are no (or very few) plaid patterned shorts that have a decent enough cut or fit to adequately flatter your particular body type. Most of these shorts are baggy and oversized, making it look like you are not wearing shorts, or pants, but an amalgamation of the two. See below:

Third: the pattern (again). A popular style suggestion to follow is the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid). Simplicity suggests colours that are easy on the eye (white, blue, grey) and not too distracting, so mixed patterns and large logos should be left alone. Plaid shorts immediately draw attention but not in a good way, and they are by no means simple.


(Image Source: The StyleBlogger)

Stay away from plaid shorts!

Until next time,

Manner of Dress.


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