Way Overdue

It has almost been seven months since a new post was published on this site, and there are many reasons why things were so quiet. But instead of listing these reasons its time to dive back into the small world of mens style blogs (at least in Atlantic Canada) and get started on posting new material on a daily bases.  First post: Halifax style.

As a university city, Halifax attracts thousands of students each year who come from various cities, provinces, and countries. They may arrive with a sense that Halifax is a small, laid-back city that offers an abundance of smiling faces and a plethora of coffee shops and pizzerias. Indeed, Halifax can boast proudly about an over-caffeinated, cheese-filled happy population, but one aspect that most newcomers to the city become quickly aware of (and openly complain about) is the lack of style in Haligonia.

Untrue. To refute this point, look no further than “Fashion East: A Journal of Maritime Fashion” (address: http://fashioneasthalifax.tumblr.com/) A Tumblr site run by three photographers living in Halifax, “Fashion East” provides crisp photographs of stylish individuals who dwell within the city. While browsing through the site your first reaction may very well be “Wait, this picture was taken on Spring Garden Road?” Yes it was. Take a peak at these photos:

(Photo Credit: http://fashioneasthalifax.tumblr.com/)

(Photo Credit: http://fashioneasthalifax.tumblr.com/)

With daily updates and the ability to submit your own photographs for “Submission Saturday and Sunday”, the Fashion East style blog deserves your immediate attention.

Halifax: too many fish and chips? Maybe. Lacking style? No way.

Until next time,

Manner of Dress.


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