One aspect of an individuals outfit that can ruin their entire ensemble is a big, distracting logo. Even more so if they are draped head-to-toe in designer clothing with visible brand-name emblems, which are either coordinated or not. For example, there are times when you may see someone with a Ralph Lauren shirt, jacket, and shoes that all have the Ralph Lauren logo stitched on each piece of clothing/accessory. Recently, Ralph Lauren released their “Big Pony” collection, and to give you a sense of how large their logo appears on a polo shirt, look at the following pictures:


The logo takes up a significant portion of the shirt, and not only does it take away from whatever an individual is also wearing, but it is likely going to be the only thing that sticks out. Forget that your pants fit well or that you are wearing great shoes, the eye of the beholder can’t veer away from that giant eyesore. Check out this Tommy Hilfiger polo:

Style and good dress doesn’t come from wearing brand name clothing (especially if it looks like you are a walking advertisement), but from the pairing of certain pieces and the coordination of fit, colour, and texture. And while it takes time to develop a keen sense of style, one step in the right direction is avoiding brand-name designer clothing with logos that overshadow your look. You will also have more money left over.


Until next time,


Manner of Dress.


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