One aspect of an individuals outfit that can ruin their entire ensemble is a big, distracting logo. Even more so if they are draped head-to-toe in designer clothing with visible brand-name emblems, which are either coordinated or not. For example, there are times when you may see someone with a Ralph Lauren shirt, jacket, and shoes that all have the Ralph Lauren logo stitched on each piece of clothing/accessory. Recently, Ralph Lauren released their “Big Pony” collection, and to give you a sense of how large their logo appears on a polo shirt, look at the following pictures:


The logo takes up a significant portion of the shirt, and not only does it take away from whatever an individual is also wearing, but it is likely going to be the only thing that sticks out. Forget that your pants fit well or that you are wearing great shoes, the eye of the beholder can’t veer away from that giant eyesore. Check out this Tommy Hilfiger polo:

Style and good dress doesn’t come from wearing brand name clothing (especially if it looks like you are a walking advertisement), but from the pairing of certain pieces and the coordination of fit, colour, and texture. And while it takes time to develop a keen sense of style, one step in the right direction is avoiding brand-name designer clothing with logos that overshadow your look. You will also have more money left over.


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Essentials: Oxford Shoe

In the film, Crazy, Stupid, Love, there is a scene where Steve Carrell’s character (Cal) meets up with Ryan Gosling’s character (Jacob) at a local mall to begin Cal’s sartorial transformation. Before the shopping beings, Jacob asks Cal “what happened to your feet” and the camera pans down to a pair of white, new balance running shoes. Cal responds by saying “these are my 407’s”, which he then hands to Jacob, who promptly throws them off the mall balcony. “Are you in a fraternity…are you Steve Jobs?” asks Jacob, attempting to illustrate a point that unless you’re a billionaire, or, a part of a fraternity, Cal has no reason to be wearing those shoes.

It was a great way for Jacob to make his point, but not everyone has the ability to throw away their (significant or other) friends shoes for many different reasons, none of which will be dealt with in this post. The purpose of this post is to note the following: shoes are one of the most important aspects of a man’s wardrobe. In fact, its one piece that should be given a lot of consideration because A) shoes can either make or break an outfit (Bernhard Roetzel, author of Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion, stated “[a]n otherwise perfect appearance is destroyed, irreparably and at a strike, if a man has an ugly pair of shoes on his feet”) and B) they are usually the first thing that an individual who is attracted to you looks at; subsequently, it can break that attraction.

Unfortunately, there are many different types of shoes available for men to choose from: wellingtons, desert boots, brogues, chukkas, single or double strapped monks, penny loafers, etc, etc. It is only unfortunate because when faced with a wide variety of options, it can become confusing as to which style is best suited to your needs, and usually, most men will revert to the standard sneaker, or, Cal’s trusty 407’s. Luckily, as with most aspects of menswear, there is what could be deemed as an essential shoe that looks great for both formal and non-formal occasions, and suites all variety of style: the oxford shoe.

Normally constructed of either leather or suede, the oxford shoe first appeared in Scotland and Ireland where they were referred to as Balmorals (as a side note, brogues––which are a type of oxford––also originated from Scotland and Ireland, but that is for another post). It is typical for Oxford’s to be laced (as characteristic of almost all English style of shoes), and they usually have a very simple style of stitching. They are not the type of shoe that will immediately stand out; that is because they have a quiet reserved sense of confidence for those who wish to look good, but quietly. Furthermore, they are great for guys who are looking to make the transition from sneakers to “adult” shoes.


Here is an image of a “dress up” oxford shoe:


Here is an image of a more laid back oxford shoe:

The following is a list of stores in Halifax where you may find a good pair of oxford shoes:

-Biscuit (

-Classic Shoe Ltd. (located at the beginning of Barrington St. near NSCAD)

-Winsby’s Shoes (

-Dugger’s (

Also check out Bass Shoe’s website  (


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